About Us

Positive Reproductions Bush Wheels was founded with the singular purpose of making quality, scale accessories to complement the takeoff and landing performance of radio controlled aircraft. We wanted to build products that not only looked good, but had a functionality the model enthusiast would appreciate. 

We started by going to the drawing board - not to reinvent the wheel, but to reimagine it. Of course there were plenty of challenges. How does one take the premise of a full-scale tire, reduce and manufacture it for a model aircraft? Patience and a tireless pursuit of perfection.

We spent a year refining the manufacturing process to improve the quality of our product, ensuring that our customers can experience a greater sense of realism while flying model aircraft. We are a family business based out of Eagle River, Alaska striving to improve what this fantastic hobby has to offer.    We look forward to continuing the process.

All of our products are handcrafted in Eagle River, Alaska.