PR Bushwheels Carbon Z Cub Tail Wheel installation

Hi folks,

It's been a very busy summer for us here at PRB, but Robert and I finally got our video done for the tail wheel installation as some of you were requesting.  It is in two parts, so hopefully I will get them in order below...

Happy landings everyone!!!!  And, thank you for all your support and business at PR Bushwheels...

PR Bushwheels - CARBON Z CUB landing gear upgrade

Hello everyone, 

Here we are with the PR Bushwheels - CZC landing gear upgrade kit offered by us.  You will need to supply the Eflite 25E Landing Gear set from Horizon Hobby (EFL460016).  With the landing gear you purchase, you will need to drill out the receiver tubes to 3/16" to accept our axles.  Also provided in the kit are 2 grub screws that are 8-32.  You will have to tap out the existing holes which are a smaller metric threads.  

When assembling the extension tube to your X-brace Cabane, in the video I talk about using SILICONE to assemble them.  Instead USE JB-WELD to attach the tubes.

Please enjoy the video and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Starting out with your new PR Bushwheels

Hi folks,

This section is to give you some pertinent information when you take your tires out of the box for the first time.  Keep in mind that these are in fact "air filled tires" just like those on your car.  Thus temperature variations do cause pressure changes.  In fact, when you first get your tires, then have more than likely traveled to you via an air cargo service which means they have been up to altitudes above 14,000 feet.  This will cause the tires to swell as the atmospheric pressure decreases.  Unfortunately we don't get to control this aspect of the shipping, so please check you tires out thoroughly when you get them to make sure they don't leak.

When you first get your tires, you may have to increase or decrease air pressure to ensure the proper inflation for you airframe.  (We hope to be doing a video soon).  Make sure you DO NOT push in your valve stem.  Simply unscrew the 6-32 valve screw and if you have an air compressor, hold the nozzle slightly away from the vale stem hole and apply just slightly more air pressure than you think you will need.   Quickly put your finger over the hold and then re-insert the 6-32 valve screw with the O-ring.  Do not over tighten the valve screw.  It simply needs to be tight enough to slightly squish the O-ring.  Don't squish the O-ring out past the screw head.

Another method to be able to inflate your PR Bush Wheels out in the field, is to purchase a small sports air pump for inflating footballs, soccer balls etc.  Cut off the hose attached and find a small piece of 1/4" I.D. flexible tubing (rubber or acrylic commonly found at Home Deport or Lowes) and slide it over the end of the pump where you cut off the original pump's hose.  This 1/4" I.D. tubing will fit over the valve stem and allow you to put pressure on the side of the tire while you are inflating by hand and not on the valve stem itself greatly reducing the risk of pushing the valve stem into the inside of the tire.

If you are outside flying on a hot day, keep in mind that your tire's pressure "WILL" fluctuate.  you will have to be aware of your tire's pressure for proper performance of the bush wheel.

Lastly, I would like to wrap this posting up to inform everyone that Robert has tested the tires in an oven up to 200 degrees F, for two hours.  Though the tire was extremely hot to handle, there were no deformities and the rubber remained strong.  We are very happy with the results of the test for those who will be flying in the warmer climates!  Keeping in mind that here in Alaska, well lets just say that if it's reaching 70 degrees, a lot of us are whining about the heat!

Take care everyone and happy flying.... Please send in your comments, good or bad, we want to know what you think.  If there is an improvement we need to address, or a deficiency we have not considered, we are truly open minded people and welcome your thoughts.