PR Bushwheels - CARBON Z CUB landing gear upgrade

Hello everyone, 

Here we are with the PR Bushwheels - CZC landing gear upgrade kit offered by us.  You will need to supply the Eflite 25E Landing Gear set from Horizon Hobby (EFL460016).  With the landing gear you purchase, you will need to drill out the receiver tubes to 3/16" to accept our axles.  Also provided in the kit are 2 grub screws that are 8-32.  You will have to tap out the existing holes which are a smaller metric threads.  

When assembling the extension tube to your X-brace Cabane, in the video I talk about using SILICONE to assemble them.  Instead USE JB-WELD to attach the tubes.

Please enjoy the video and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.