Complete hangar 9 - 1/4 scale cub PR BUSHWHEELS KIT


This is all that you need to order to completely outfit your Hangar 9 - 1/4 scale cub so that you have the authentic "Bush Plane".  This kit comes complete with all that you see here... 1/4 scale 8.75" bush wheels; Custom PR Shock Struts; 1/4 scale PR Tail Wheel;  1/4" solid axles designed to replace the existing axles on the Hangar 9 - 1/4 scale cubs to fit 8.75" PR Bush Wheels. (You will be required to drill your existing axle receiver to 1/4" to accept our axle).  Also included is a tire repair kit and PR Bushwheels stickers. (an additional $15.00 value)

Rated for 20 lb planes. Includes castle nuts and cotter pins.