1/3 Scale PR Custom Shocks

PR Shock Struts for your 1/3 scale (33%-40%) airframes weighing up to 55 lbs.  These custom shock struts are made from chromoly main tubes and cold roll struts and stems.  These struts are a direct replacement for your old worn out bungee systems.

Select your airframe and gear manufacture below.  If you do not see yours listed select the last option and we will be in touch with you via email to get the appropriate measurements.  Or email Steve (steve@prbushwheels.com) or Robert (robert@prbushwheels.com) for more details.

Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Cub with Balsa USA Gear - select the link below
For Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Cub with Robart Gear - select the link below
Areoworks 100cc Shock Struts - select the link below:
For all other models, select the link below.  You will be contacted via email by Robert or Steve for specific measurements: