PR Bushwheels - EFlite Carbon Z Cub Upgrade kit for the 25E landing gear retrofit

$200 per kit

This kit is designed to allow you to adapt the Eflit 25E articulating landing gear to your Eflite Carbon Z Cub.  You will be required to purchase the Eflite 25E landing gear from Horizon Hobby (EFL460016). You will also be required to drill the landing gear axle receiver tube to fit the 3/16" axles.  Additionally you will have to re-tap the axle grub screw to 8-32 to fit the new grub screw that is supplied. (Or you can find the correct metric grub screw for the stock landing gear. 

The kit is as you see pictured here.

PR650 - 6.5" bush wheels with 3/16" bronze bushings

PRSS-CZC - Carbon Z Cub shock struts (only available with this kit).

3/16" CZC axles

25E X-brace (cabane) strut extension tubes

6 each 8-32 cap screws and inserts

2 each #6 sheet metal screws

2 each 8-32 grub screws